Please choose the option that applies to you
 and follow the instructions below

1-    Engraving on an item that you own.

If you have an item you would like to have engraved please e-mail me at or call my office at 207.646.1666 (M-F  10am-5pm)
I will need the following information.
a.       What the item is, including they type of metal and size if necessary.
b.      Where you would like the engraving.
c.       All text you would like engraved.
After receiving your e-mail I will contact you with any concerns or suggestions. 
Once we have been in contact it can be shipped to:

Adam Amara Hand Engraving
222 Natanis Ridge Circle
Wells,  ME   04090

2-    To commission engraving work similar to an example found on the site.
Please call my office at 207-646-1666 (M-F  10am-5-pm)